Original Gravity Podcast

Episode 12: October Beer & Music Preview

September 28, 2017

In the first of a series of monthly beer & music previews, co-hosts Keith Kirchoff and Greg Carlson each share their top five beer or music related events taking place in and around Boston in the month of October.

Original Gravity's Top 10:

October 1: Aeronaut Pindrop Session Launch (6:30pm)

October 5: Audio Triviality – Music Themed Triva Night @ Bone Up Brewery (8-11pm)

October 6: Semiosis Quartet performs music of Latin America @ Third Life Studio (8pm)

October 10: Brato and Night Shift Brewery Harvest Popup (5-10pm)

October 14: Maria Finkelmeier & Masary Studios: Brutal Rhythms @ City Hall (11pm)

October 15: Creepy Classic Nosferatu w/Live Music @ Aeronaut Brewery (8pm)

October 14-15: Sausage Fest at SoWa Beer Garden

October 22: Arditti String Quartet at ICA (3pm)

October 22: Bill Frisell & 50 Years of Innovation in the Art of Guitar Building @ Umbrella Gallery (7:30pm)

October 28: 10th Annual Great Pumpkin Fest @ Cambridge Brewing Company



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